"Cultural heritage" in NYC essentially means cultural diversity... By Elina Chandezon

The USA was for a long time the promised land for millions of immigrants. The Statue of Liberty in NYC is the symbol of the freedom they longed for.

The Big Apple can boast that it represents virtually every single nation on Earth, its numerous communities preserving their own identities, each with its own neighborhood: Little Italy, Chinatown, Harlem, Little Germany, and the rest...

NYC is the epitome of a multicultural world city. It is perhaps the world's capital...

In New York, no single country or region or origin dominates. This diversity is due to the fact that New York was, during the 19th and 20th centuries, the principal gateway for European immigrants. Blacks and Asians also settled there. In the 40s, a large number of  Puerto Ricans and Latinos began to move to Spanish Harlem. Since the 1980s New York City has undergone substantial population growth, primarily due to new immigration from Latin America (especially the Dominican Republic), Asia, Jamaica, Haiti, Russia, and Africa.

In 2007, the City that Never Sleeps was classified as the most ethnically diverse, with approximately 245 countries represented, 200 languages spoken, 36 % of the population being foreign born. This multiculturalism has generated a large range and number of parades and holidays.

It is fascinating how so many ethnic groups can all live peacefully together...

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